June Show
“Water, Wax,
Paint, Paper"
by Jan Dalton
Art Central presents a show & sale of mixed media paintings by local artist Jan Dalton.  
“Water, Wax, Paint, Paper” will be available for viewing during the month of June at the
at 130 Central Avenue in Summerville.  

Jan talks about her new work: “Mixed media isn't a 20th-century phenomenon, although in
previous centuries artists were less experimental in what they used. For example, gold leaf
was often added to church paintings; Leonard da Vinci mixed pastels with other drawing
media; William Blake used watercolor washes in his prints; and Edgar Degas combined
pastels with charcoal and printing inks.
As an extreme example, during a 2013 exhibition
contemporary German artist Rosemarie Trockel found a dead moth in the museum and
quickly incorporated it into one of her works on display. The act of adding this unusual object
added a new layer of meaning to the work. Now, I’m no Leonard Da Vinci, William Blake,
Edgar Degas or Rosemarie Trockel (I can’t see myself picking up a dead creature of any
kind and incorporating it into a piece of art).  However, I’m always looking for new ways to
stir the creative juices.”

Mixed media art refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single
artwork.  It is closely related to other art forms, such as assemblage. Assemblage is a 3-
dimensional sculptural form in which found objects are "assembled" together in a quirky or
unique way.  In Jan’s painting “The Golden Hour,” she used modeling glue, acrylic paint and
gold leaf to create a 3-D image.  This sense of space is enhanced by the frame.

Jan’s new work includes paintings with different combinations of water, wax, paper, pencil,
pen and ink and oil pastels.  In other paintings the artist used modeling paste, acrylic paint,
tissue papers and other 3-dimensional items.

Meet Jan Dalton at a reception on Third Thursday, June 20, 5-8 pm.
"The Golden Hour”
Mixed Media
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“Waiting for Lunch" Mixed Media